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Hospitality Catering LLC is a conglomerate in Hospitality Management services providing unmatched services & impeccable delivery in areas of hotel operations and restaurant management through our extremely well-structured and widely appreciated Accommodation, Catering & Facility services. We deliver Authentic Hospitality to our guests, profit to our clients and brand growth and position to each property with a passion for excellence in hospitality. The company is driven to maximize long-term value for its associates, customers, investors and community, treating all of our stakeholders like family. Hospitality Catering LLC implements well-defined, effective, centralized controls that provide top-notch corporate services, while promoting and encouraging employees to develop innovative solutions. We provide centralized corporate support services and other programs in Catering, Accommodation & Facilities Management, Maintenance, Housekeeping & Janitorial Services. We think like entrepreneurs and maintain a flexible approach, encouraging the hotel management to implement their own independent initiatives when appropriate.

Catering Services

Catering is a part of the various culinary arts, and we consider ourselves as artists. We craft each menu and every food with utmost care and maintain the taste, delicacy & appetency. Our customers get excited by the multifarious choices they’re open to, relishing their food and commending their hearty appreciation to our chefs. We boast one of the most agglomerated menus in the UAE. The areas of our culinary expertise include Continental, Oriental, Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino & Korean. We’re multi-cuisine culinary artists maintaining our high standards on par with ISO & other Food Control & Health Authority Regulations. We believe in the customer. That’s why it is always their choice to decide which cuisine and menu they prefer. Our customer’s selection is our preference, always!

Accommodation And Services

Our primary considerations are the luxury of privacy & space, hygiene & safety, Professional room service, housekeeping and professional laundry services at reasonable cost. Since we score a six sigma in all these areas, it is no wonder that we have been, and still continue to be, the leading providers of premium accommodation to clients. We adopt a multi-faceted approach which gives our clients, the freedom of selecting the type of room they are looking for at a budget that suits them perfectly. Whether you want a budget room or a luxury suite, we have it all. Every customer is special to us! We deeply care and understand your needs and give you tailor-made solutions as well as services to make your stay comfortable and unforgettable. Whether it’s preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance or predictive maintenance, our approach is simple: Deliver custom solutions to meet the facility needs of our clients. Our services include the supply of labor, material, tools, spares, consumables, equipment, supervision, quality control, inspection, co-ordination and all other necessary items to carry out the proper operations, repairs, servicing and maintenance. We make sure that it also includes the supply of all consumables, tools and spare parts required as per manufacturer’s recommendation. The program shall comprise actions to retain equipment or systems at a specified level of performance by repairing or restoring the affected. All repairs will be planned and implemented by our properly trained craftsmen. Our areas of expertise are Catering Services, Housekeeping & Janitorial Services, Facilities Management, Building & Villa Management, Laundry Services, Landscaping, Maintenance, and Camp Management.

Facility Services

Whether it’s preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance or predictive maintenance. Our approach is simple: deliver custom solutions to meet the facility needs of our clients.


Our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable ‘Home Away From Home’ for people working on these important projects; and to grow from country to country, establishing ourselves a world-class boutique Hospitality Group.